Bearings | Tensioners | Hubs

FAST-branded bearings stand for quality and long service life. They are resistant to seizure and withstand service in high temperatures. In our bearing manufacturing process we only use failure-proof, tested metallurgical raw materials and components. We always seek to test our products several times before shipment to customers (the tests include noise and vibration tests as well as radial and axial checks).

Tensioner raceways are resistant to typical damage caused by long service. Made with high levels of precision, this component allows the driver to avoid unexpected disruptions in the journey due to, e.g., belt damage. If high quality bearings are installed, FAST tensioners operate quietly, contributing to the passengers’ comfort.

FAST wheel hubs are made from high quality alloys of adequate hardness that meet the most stringent world standards. Material machining is carried out in stages and each stage is monitored by our quality department specialists. Hubs are hardened and tempered by computer-controlled machines and hubs chosen randomly are tested in on-site laboratories. Needless to say, this does increase manufacturing costs, but, on the other hand, such procedures ensure high quality of the final product.