Quality control

We have put in place a product marking system in order to control product quality. The FAST logo stamped or printed on our products confirms that a given part is 100% original. Each product has its original serial number, which allows us to monitor the quality of each production run on an on-going basis, and to determine when a given product was manufactured.

In addition, a special technical department has been established to perform quality control and handle product defect claims. Each personnel member of this department has completed special training. Should any issue arise in connection with a product, the matter will be referred to the afore-mentioned department, which will smoothly conduct the complaint procedure.

ikona-politykaCertification policy

FAST represents a guarantee of high quality at low prices. We are fully aware of the fact that product quality and reliability are key factors in choosing which parts to purchase. That is why all the factories that make FAST parts are TUV or ISO certified.

Please find below the logos of the certificates that have been awarded to the manufacturing facilities making FAST parts.

Original holograms

All FAST product carry original holograms which confirm that the products are original. All products are packaged in such a way as to ensure safe transport. Holograms are to be found on outer packaging or on protective film.