Car body parts | Mirrors | Lighting

Our car body parts, both metal and plastic ones, fit properly on the body, so installing them is not particularly difficult. Metal parts that are not intended for being painted exhibit increased resistance to corrosion. All of the materials that we use to make car body parts exhibit resistance to weather and aging caused by exposure to sunlight.

FAST mirrors provide excellent visibility because they are made of specially tempered glass which in turn ensures their durability. Mirror surfaces are optimally curved, so objects seen in the mirror are not unduly distorted and , at the same time, allow the driver to monitor the road. As mirror handles and frames are components whose design contributes to driving safety, at the development stage FAST design engineers ensured that products would be made from high-quality components. Both handle rigidity and mirror adjustment mechanism stability significantly contribute to the driver’s comfort while using FAST mirrors, as opposed to cheaper aftermarket products.

Lighting – FAST headlamps and lights are manufactured using the latest technologies. Headlamp reflectors have an appropriate aluminium layer deposited on them using the vacuum method, so the light beam is not distorted or disturbed when illuminating the road. Headlamp housings and glass are bonded together using special adhesives, which ensures a hermetic seal, as in original products. Obviously, housings have vent holes just as original products. In the case of FAST polycarbonate lights, specially selected materials are used that are resistant to aging and weather, which in turn reduces fading and hazing to a minimum.