Brake calipers | Brake pads | Brake shoes | Brake discs | Brake drums

Brake calipers, which have direct impact on driving safety, are made from materials exhibiting resistance to extreme stresses, and their design proves its worth in all road conditions. Our manufacturing process ensures that brake pistons and cylinders have proper smooth surface, which prevents premature seal wear. Seals are also completely resistant to brake fluids. Brake caliper surfaces are galvanically plated to ensure long service life with full anticorrosion protection.

FAST brake pads and shoes are made from the highest-grade materials. The mixture which we use to make our brake linings complies with all applicable international standards and regulations. At the same time, we continually work to improve the braking characteristics, which are already excellent anyway, and this is reflected by the new product ranges being launched, dedicated for specific applications.

FAST brake discs and drums are intended for use with friction materials both from FAST and other manufacturers. Each time brake shoes or pads are replaced the disks or drums should be checked for wear. FAST’s offering includes such an extensive selection of the above products that you will be able to quickly find parts that fit your vehicle.