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FAST coil springs meet all applicable quality standards. There are many different types of coil springs, depending on the way they are made – by purchasing FAST parts you can be assured that that the springs you are buying correspond in terms of dimensions to the original ones. Such technical characteristics as hardness or fatigue strength are also of critical importance in designing and manufacturing FAST replacement parts FAST.

Leaf springs are a highly important feature of the FAST product range dedicated for vans. Special road tests ensure that you can rely on both the quality of the materials used and on workmanship. We pay special attention to leaf spring durability as a key performance parameter in the context of vans.

FAST shock absorbers are very popular with our customers; our priority is the highest quality at competitive prices. Our products contribute to improved driving comfort thanks to significantly reduced disturbance amplitude. Shock absorbers serve their purpose even at maximum permissible weight, which allows drivers to utilise the full potential of the vehicle.

FAST-branded suspension arms are made of highest quality materials so they are very popular with our customers across Europe. We only select top quality metal alloys, corrosion- and rust-resistant, to manufacture our suspension arms.
All the suspension parts that we manufacture, even the smallest ones, are made from most durable materials, which guarantees reliable quality and customer satisfaction. Our parts are corrosion resistant and perform excellently even in extreme conditions. This will help you to drive safely in snow or heavy rain.